Medical Billing

Boardwalk Sourcing

Discover how Boardwalk Sourcing can support your practice. We eliminate the pain and frustration caused by your current solution by providing a seamless alternative. Instead of being physically present in your office, we establish direct communication channels to address all your billing concerns. While you focus on delivering healthcare, we tirelessly work to ensure you receive prompt compensation for your services. Our unwavering dedication is directed towards ensuring timely payment of your accounts receivables.

At Boardwalk Sourcing, our team of proficient and skilled experts follows a unique process that goes beyond claim submission for payment. We possess in-depth proficiency in various billing software, utilizing our own proprietary system for efficient submitting and reimbursement. With expertise in coding and communication, we excel in ensuring accurate and effective processes. To ensure quality, our service includes an internal audit system that serves as the ultimate checks and balances mechanism.

  • We review your current procedures and provide you with a ‘state of the practice’ report
  • We set up the lines of communication by establishing a billing hotline and email address
  • We assign your practice to a highly skilled Boardwalk Sourcing account manager
  • We evaluate your intake forms to determine the need for revisions
  • We establish insurance eligibility where there are questions of coverage
  • We examine each claim to confirm that all pertinent fields are complete and accurate
  • We ensure that proper codes are entered for diagnoses and procedures
  • We match patient visits to bills to identify potentially missing charges
  • We arrange for insurance authorizations and maintain a database of requirements
  • We investigate claim denials and rejections for resubmittal
  • We communicate with carriers and insist on proper reimbursement
  • We pursue all claims regardless of size to reduce bad debt
  • We scrutinize EOBs for accuracy and post them daily
  • We address needs for further information with patients and your staff
  • We act as your satellite office and minimize outstanding balances
  • We consistently supply you with detailed progress reports and issues
  • We maintain our own internal audit system to check our work on your behalf