For Professional Owner Operators & Truckers

At Boardwalk Sourcing, we offer efficient dispatch services tailored for owner operators and truckers who seek to optimize their time and efforts by avoiding low-paying freight. Our services guarantee access to lucrative loads while you’re on the road. Moreover, we take care of all your administrative burdens, including rate negotiations and essential paperwork, allowing you to focus solely on driving.

We offer a variety of dispatch service plans to cater to your specific needs. With us, you’ll never have to spend countless hours scouring load boards or dealing with paperwork and faxing ever again. We handle all the tedious tasks, freeing you up to focus on what you’re paid to do – drive. Ultimately, our dispatch services are designed to save truckers valuable time and money.


We will find only profitable cargo for you


We will develop only the most comfortable and best route for the driver


We will provide professional driver support from the beginning of your route


We offer flexible options for our flat-rate fees. We understand that every trucker has unique preferences, which is why we provide three distinct plans to choose from: Paperwork Only, Basic, and Professional. Why should you pay another trucking dispatch service 10% or more on every load? That’s why Truck Dispatch Services has created a comprehensive “one stop shop” for all your dispatching needs.

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach and only require assistance with paperwork, or if you prefer to have us handle everything, our dispatching services can be customized to suit your requirements.

We empathize with the frustrations truckers often face, such as being stuck at truck stops, endlessly searching load boards, dealing with brokers offering low-paying freight, waiting for emails, and spending money on copies and faxes. But today, all of that ends – because we’ve got you covered!